Mechanics Turn Two Classic LADAs into One Wide-Body Car

After cutting the LADAs and welding them together, these mechanics got themselves a car that needs two drivers to steer.

It's impossible to say "I've seen it all," when it comes to the YouTube channel Garage 54, because those Russian mechanics seem to find even crazier ideas they do more and more videos. In this video, they might have finally outdone themselves: They turned two LADAs into a double-wide car with two steering wheels "in the only way we really want to know how." Yes, you read that right.

The bizarre build is quite straightforward when you think about it: They get themselves two LADAs, then just cut the driver's side off one and the passenger side off the other. Then, they tweak the cars until they get it right and weld them together. The result a double-wide LADA that needs two drivers to get the thing moving. 

The next step could be to connect everything together so that it can be driven by only one person, but it's already fantastic as it is too, giving the term "shared car" a whole new dimension. If you want to see how they pulled off this crazy project, make sure you watch the video above. Enjoy!

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