Mechatronics Student Builds Giant Plasma Cannon That Can Create Blasts

"It's like being in a pillow fight, except somebody swung a mattress at you."
Derya Ozdemir

Ever heard of a plasma popper? This weapon sounds well-suited for sci-fi movies, and it indeed is. Created by Mr. Al Stahler, a plasma popper — plasma is a state of matter composed of ionized parts — uses transparent plastic tubing and an ignited ball of methylacetylene-propadiene propane. At first, it emits a tiny fireball, then it goes through a tube before diffusing with a loud bang. 

Mechatronics Engineering co-op student Charles from the YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries embarks on an adventure to build a plasma popper after being asked to do so by one of his friends. The channel is known for its many ambitious projects, such as building the world's first retractable Star Wars lightsaber and the world's fastest twin jet-powered canoe. Needless to say, he succeeds in building the plasma popper and goes on to build even bigger versions. In the end, he ends up with a giant plasma cannon that can create huge blasts, so if you're itching to see some explosions, make sure you watch the video embedded above. 

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