Meet Tower Trike: The Largest Motorcycle in the World

The 11,000-pound beast is powered by a 320-horsepower semi-engine and can reach up to 85 mph.

Advancements in engineering have allowed us to see motorcycles that almost rival those seen in science fiction movies, and in the fascinating world of custom motorcycles, no design idea is too outlandish.

One such design is the 11,000-pound Tower Trike, which was built many years ago but is still making waves on the internet. Its creator, Jim Gesto, built the humongous motorcycle after getting tired of experiencing "close calls" with other cars while riding. In order to get the safety up a notch, he decided to take the most direct way and built a motorcycle based on a semi-truck that is so big no one could ever run him over.

In this video by the YouTube channel Bikes and Beards, which is based on the motorcycle industry and people's relationship with motorcycles, you can see the YouTubers travel to Indiana to take "this beast fo a bike for a ride." Just so you know, the motorcycle is not only gigantic but is also powered by a 320-horsepower semi-engine and can reach up to 85 mph (137kph). Enjoy!



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