Meet Your Futureself, Emma, the Life-Sized Doll Which Shows How Office Workers Will Look like in 20 Years

This life-sized doll shows how you would look like in 20 years if you work at an office.
Nursah Ergü

Have you ever thought about what can sitting at the same office, at the same chair for 8 hours every day can do to you? What kind of health problems can it cause? It can be depressing to think about the negative effects of working at an office since most of us do work at offices.

A team of health experts led by behavioral futurist William Higham, designed a life-sized doll, Emma, a realistic representation of how could someone who works at an office look in 20 years.

So, meet Emma, your future co-worker, or your future self. 

If the conditions are not improved at workspaces, by 2040, workers will have permanently bent backs because of sitting hunched over a desk with poor posture for hours. 

Also, just as Emma, workers are expected to have varicose veins from poor blood flow because of sedentary working style, red and dry eyes from staring at a computer screen for hours, swollen wrists from repetitive movement, hairy eyes, and nose from poor air quality and a red, irritated skin caused by laptop heat and stress-related eczema.

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If there are no radical changes at the office conditions, Emma will become anyone you see every day. To prevent this, employees should take more breaks and they should move more, and employers should work to make the office environment better and more comfortable for the employees.

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