Mercedes Vito Filled With 1,700 Pounds of Concrete Blocks Crashes Into a Wall, It Isn’t Pretty

In order to crash test it, the van was filled with 1,700 pounds of concrete blocks and crashed into a wall at 30 mph.
Derya Ozdemir

Swiss company Dynamic Test Center, which specializes in safety research, conducted a crash test of Mercedes’ Vito van. However, they took the regular family of dummies out and added 1,700 pounds of “concrete rings for plants” instead.

In order to crash test it, the van was accelerated to 30 mph and driven against a rigid block. It had a belted dummy on the driver’s seat and a pallet with 1,700 pounds of concrete blocks in its loading dock. The crash is quick, and it is as disturbing as all crash tests are. 

The moment where the seats, the dash, and the dummy gets obliterated is hard to watch, but this sort of crash tests are reminders of how important it is to drive safely.

In case you haven’t thought of it before, this video highlights the fact that you shouldn’t ever drive around with a ton of weight without properly mounting it to your car first.

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