Find out how a metal door handle is made in a factory

These door handles take a lot of processing to complete.
Christopher McFadden

Door handles are one of those items we all use daily but rarely give a second thought. But, as it turns out, the process behind their creation is actually pretty labor-intensive. 

Let's follow the process of how one Turkish manufacturer turns metal strips into beautiful and functional door handles...

door handle complete
Source: Interesting Engineering

Step 1: Cutting the metal

The first step, beyond choosing the design, is to select and cut the source metal. This is done with a specialist cutting machine that trims the metal lengths into small strips. 

The strips are then combined together in a bundle and then placed in another machine to cut the rough shape of the door handle

door handle metal cutting
Source: Interesting Engineering

The proto-door handles are then placed inside a special CNC machine for further cutting and shaping. This stage is all fully automated. After that, the door handles are then taken to another machine to have drill holes sunk in them at strategic places. 

Step 2: Shaping the door handles

Next, other metal strips are then taken to yet another specialist machine to press them into shape. Each is placed in the mold and then the press folds the metal strips into shape with ease. 

door handles pressing
Source: Interesting Engineering

These will form the main handle part of the door handle. 

Other parts of the door handle assembly are also made, shaped, drilled, and cleaned up using a variety of other machines as needed. Parts are also polished and shaped using large disc sanders on the assembly line by specialist workers too. 

door handles polishing
Source: Interesting Engineering

Step 3: Treating and coloring

Once pieces are fully shaped and polished, the next step is to coat them for protection. Pieces are placed on special racks and dipped in special baths to coat them with a protective layer.

Once coated, the parts are removed from the bath and left to air dry. Next, the handle is placed on another set of racks ready for powder coating. 

door handles powder coating
Source: Interesting Engineering

Once ready, the parts are powdered coated using specialist tools. With the powder coating complete, the parts and then transferred to the quality assurance stage of their manufacture.  

Step 3: Quality checking and packaging

Once all the main phases of the process are complete, the door handles are, more or less, complete. However, they first need to pass muster. 

Specially trained and experienced staff check each and every door handle for quality. Only the highest standard will do, and any defective examples are rejected and recycled. 

All others are then passed on ready to be packaged. QC-passed parts are then packaged in protective plastic coverings and sealed using another specialist packaging machine. 

door handles packaging
Source: Interesting Engineering

Once packaged, the door handles are then ready to ship out to their lucky customers!

If you enjoyed this little look at how a common household item is actually made, you might enjoy watching some other things are made? How about, for example, a gold ring? 

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