Microsoft Teams up with Kano to Create a Do-It-Yourself Computer Kit

This new computer teaches coding to people of all ages and can be built according to your needs

Kano has joined with Microsoft to come up with an all-new windows laptop/tablet, created to encourage creativity and education, mainly for children. The computer that pretty much does everything you want it to do just by adding the necessary pieces together like jigsaw puzzles. 

The computer aims to teach and push children towards analytical thinking while putting the pieces together to build the computer. It helps the children be more creative with their computers offering them a personalized computer experience. 

Coding kits are available at Kano. You can personalize and create a computer according to your preferences too. New computer's motto is ''Anyone can make''. Working with programs like Javascript, Python, and Unix, Kano can be helpful for people of all ages in learning how to code. You can code apps, games and even make art with it. 

When the kit is given to a child, he plays with it like he plays with color blocks and gets to know the coding systems and how to build a computer. Highly educative and fun, Kano's collaboration with Microsoft is expected to be revolutionary in the education system all around the world. 

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