Mind-Reading Technology that Lets You Control Games and Prosthetics with Your Brain

BrainCo features a mind-reading headband and prosthetic arm.

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EEG science and robotics startup BrainCo is making non-invasive mind-reading technology that lets you control both games and prosthetics with your brain. First up is a device called Focus1. It consists of a headband that you put on your head that can help you control the speed of cars on a race track.

The more you focus, the faster the cars go. The more you relax your brain, the slower the cars go. It works by detecting the subtle electrical signals that your brain is producing. It teaches people how to get into a mental state of clear focus.

BrainCo also has a prosthetic arm. The arm can be intuitively controlled. It works by sensing electrical instruction signals from the brain via the residual limb they travel down. It provides an incredibly dexterous movement. It is also controlled by artificial intelligence.


The arm detects muscle signals and feeds them through an algorithm that can help it perform better over time. It is excellent at shaking hands, grabbing an arm as well as a human hand would. But it can do so much more than that such as calligraphy or even playing the piano. Users can program the gestures that suit them best.

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