Mini DIY Drone Flies at an Impressive Height of 33,000 Feet Over Siberia

A Russian drone pilot has captured video of his quadcopter flying at 33,000 feet over a frozen landscape in Siberia.
Jessica Miley

U.S. drone enthusiasts might want to consider a holiday to Russia after seeing this awesome video. Drone maker and pilot Denis Koryakin has shared footage of his home-built drone flying at 33,000 feet (10.0584 km). 

To put that into perspective a 747 can hit 45,000 feet, but most commercial flights will cruise at about 30,000 feet. Making this kind of video in the United States is totally illegal as there are extremely strict regulations around ceiling heights for drone flights. 

To protect commercial airplanes, unmanned drones or any kind cannot be flown higher than 400 feet to avoid them entering the regulated national airspace. This height may even be lower in areas close to airports or places of security interest. 

In Russia, however, it is a different story. There doesn’t appear to be too much regulation about drone flights, especially in the area this video was made. 

Strejevoï, in Siberia, has a very low population and very low temperatures, making it the perfect location for some experimental high drone flying action. 

Koryakin’s drone in this experiment weighted just one kilo. In the video's description he mentions being keen to push the limits of drone height flying even further asking for advice or equipment from his fans. 

Koryakin has a bunch of other very skilled drone videos on his YouTube channel that we recommend you check out The skillful drone pilot is also constructing his own drones with impressive results.