Miniature Cybertruck Pulls Mercedes Benz, Still Not Impressed?

Watch this miniature Cybertruck successfully pulling a Mercedes Benz 6 times bigger than itself.

You probably remember the time when Cybertruck pulled an F-150 uphill. Now, it pulls a Mercedes-Benz. And this isn't even a normal Cybertruck, this is a miniature version!

In the video, it can be seen that the Cybertruck pulls the Mercedes-Benz successfully, without any effort. 

And you can see someone is driving this miniature Cybertruck. It must be either a kid or a hobbit because it's impossible for a regular person to fit in that size of a Cybertruck.

Those of you who aren't impressed by any feature or video of Cybertruck, what are you going to say about this video, huh?

Of course, this video doesn't reflect the truth, it's obviously a fan-made video that mocks with Cybertruck pulling an F-150 video. 

Everyone says that they hate Tesla's new Cybertruck but no one stops to create content about it. Does this make it successful or not? 

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