Model Airplane Designer Builds Electric Airplane, Makes It Fly

This guy who built a plane out of styrofoam and metal definitely knows what he is doing.
Derya Ozdemir

Some people are born to be innovators: Model airplane designer Peter Sripol has taken the DIY plane game to the next level by building his own homemade electric plane.

His YouTube channel PeterSripol is home to numerous videos of him messing around with vehicles, and it seems like his next project can be building an actual space rocket. Some weeks ago, he had built a giant F-18 plane with foam, paper, and a real jet turbine, and now, he has a DIY electric plane in his garage.

PeterSripol takes you through the process of building it and the making of the design and seeing it come to life. It is, as he rightfully says, quite the adventure, and it is amazing to see hours of work end up taking the skies. He truly is a brilliant designer who knows what he is doing, but it is always a scare when he makes a homemade aircraft fly.

After watching the video, if you are curious about how one can build their own airplane, you should check out this article too.


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