Modify Your Stock Motorbike Exhaust with This Simple Guide

It turns out you can modify your existing motorbike exhaust fairly easily.
Christopher McFadden

Fed up with your stock exhaust on your motorbike? Then why not consider modifying the existing exhaust to something with a little more oomph?

If this sounds of interest, then follow this simple guide to finding out how. 

diy modified exhaust complete
Source: AVmake/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

The best picks that will help you do the job

Step 1: Remove the old exhaust

The first step is to remove the old exhaust from the bike in preparation for your new one. The tools you need and the process will vary depending on the design of your bike, so complete accordingly.

stock exhaust change remove old
Source: AVmake/YouTube

However, you'll likely need a mixture of tools to get the job done like hex keys, ratchets, and screwdrivers. You may also need to remove some bodywork before you can get to the actual parts too. 

Once all the flanges and other mountings and fixings for the exhaust have been removed, gently remove the exhaust and manifold as needed. 

Step 2: Modify the old exhaust as needed

The next step is to begin the modification process for the new exhaust. Cut off the old manifold using something like an angle grinder as shown in the video. 

diy modify exhaust
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Use your angle grinder to also open up the backbox to expose the parts within. Once done, separate the parts as shown in the video. 

With that done, take some metal piping and cut it into lengths using your angle grinder. Once done, drill a series of holes through the pipe using a stepped drill bit.

diy modify exhaust drill holes
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Next, take another length of a smaller bore pipe and cut one end at an angle to make the new exhaust pipe.

With that done, assemble the new pieces inside the backbox as shown and weld together as needed. 

diy new exhaust assemble
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Step 3: Rebuild the backbox and install

With the new exhaust pipe now complete, and if not already complete, install the pipe as needed inside the backbox housing. Then weld the new exhaust piping assembly to the backbox as required. 

diy exhaust rebuild backbox
Source: AVmake/YouTube

With that done, take your insulation padding and cut it into strips as shown in the video. Wrap the sheeting around the exhaust pipe as if you were lagging a pipe. 

Secure the insulation into place using lengths of steel wire. 

diy exhaust insulate pipe
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Once complete, cut the rest of the insulation into medium-sized squares and pad out the inside of the backbox on either side of the exhaust pipe. 

With that complete, take the other half of the backbox and close up the exhaust pipe and insulation as shown. 

Then, weld the backbox back together as needed. 

diy bike exhaust weld backbox
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Once the welds are complete, clean them up using your angle grinder as needed. Take your time here as you want it to look nice when the exhaust is reinstalled on your pride and joy. 

With that, clean and polish the chrome/steel parts of the exhaust to make it look as good as new. 

diy exhaust polish
Source: AVmake/YouTube

Once done, your new exhaust is ready to install back on your bike. 

Reverse the process you did when removing the exhaust as needed. Reattach any other body parts you needed to remove too. 

Once done, your new bike exhaust is basically good to go!

Fire up the bike and take it for a spin. 

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