'Mole Man' Dug Intricate Tunnels under His House for Years without Anyone Noticing

This man definitely had the most interesting and dangerous hobby.

This real-life story feels straight out of Shawshank Redemption; however, no one was trying to run out of prison in this case and the real deal was far from anything you could imagine.

When someone says Mole Man, it is probable that you immediately think of the fictional character, the supervillain who appeared in multiple Marvel comics. This superhero villain lurked in the subterranean depths of the Earth, and it turns out he had a real-life Londoner counterpart.

The story as the media knows started in 2006 when an intricate network of tunnels was discovered beneath a house in Hackey, London. Much to a wave of public concern and media attention, William Lyttle, a lone figure known locally as "the Mole Man", had spent almost four decades building the tunnels that endangered his house and anything that surrounded it.

In this short documentary that talks about the Mole Man of London, the whys and hows of this bizarre sitıation are explained thoroughly. He definitely had an interesting hobby indeed, and you should definitely tune in to learn the rest of his story.

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