This Is the Most Polite Car Horn We've Ever Heard

Jessica Miley

Most modifications to cars are pretty obnoxious but this is the best car alteration video we’ve seen. This guy just installed the most polite car horn ever!

Mark Rober is an engineer who likes to fix his world so he can gain maximum comfort, he is also the most polite guy ever. Rober makes a bunch of cute videos from watermelon party tricks to high-tech engineering projects like this automatic bullseye.

In his video, Rober explains how he wants to revolutionize on road communication by installing several more horns in his car that will allow him to send more polite ‘messages’ to his fellow drivers. He goes on to explain that the standard horn in his car sounds too rude and angry and that sometimes he needs to just politely tell someone to move ahead at the stop light or give them a warning if they are about to back into him.

Rober goes through the details of what to buy and how to install the new horn, then films a bunch of possible uses for his new polite horn. The horn does sound pretty nice, a chirpy double toot seems to work as a way of ‘talking’ rather than the traditional all out honk! But of course, being the guy he is Rober didn’t just install one new horn. He installed three. The main one, which is polite, ‘everyday’ horn, an even more polite and quieter horn for talking to pedestrians. Then he went all out and also installed a truck horn! Yes, that’s right those bone thudding horns you hear on the highway? He installed that in his car! Rober says he is going to reserve that one for honking at fidget spinning teenagers.  

Via Mark Rober

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