Movable Bridges Around the World That You Cannot Unsee

London's Tower Bridge is not the only one worth seeing!
Deniz Yildiran

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Let's admit: Bridges are all just fascinating. The precise architecture and engineering behind them literally connect people and experiences. While we are already busy admiring different contemporary designs such as water bridges, it would be a shame if we missed out on movable ones. 

Originated in Medieval Europe, the number of movable bridges has been rising dramatically. Chicago seems to be taking the lead with the most movable bridges in the city.

When it comes to Europe, there are also many structures that outshine one another. Known as the longest vertical-lift bridge in Europe, France's Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas allows ships to pass through when its central part lifts. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, located in the UK, is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge. Sometimes called ‘Blinking Eye Bridge’, it also rotates 40 degrees to let small ships pass underneath. Lastly, North Wales' Pont-y-Ddraig Harbour Bridge has two sections lifting up to let boats pass through, it also allows pedestrians to have a 15 miles (24 km) road trip when it's back to its flat state. It's kind of a Venus flytrap in concrete, we may say. 

However, that's not all. We have more examples in the video above, which will probably make you want to pay a visit to each of them. Enjoy!

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