Musician Plays Sax and Duets With an Echo Created by a Natural Gas Pipeline

In this "lonely" concert, this musician had a musical battle with himself.

Music is one of the most touching things that connects us in such times of pandemic and physical distancing. People out there are trying out new ways of getting in touch, and musician Armin Küpper has taken his sax out to jam out in Mönchengladbach, Germany. His "lonely concert" though is a different one since he can be seen playing next to a natural gas pipeline.

His lovely description roughly translates to, "This sound on the tube, in this loneliness always gives me the feeling: Hey, you're not alone there! Sometimes I just can't stop playing. The nice thing is, when it gets cool in the evening, I sit down in the pipeline heated up during the day and enjoy the sunset playing the saxophone."

Isn't this such a poetic and poignant way to put it? It makes you long for those times when people could gather around to watch him play his magic.

He has also stated that after the construction workers leave, he uses that time to make music "in the middle of nowhere." This is how he got those "tube blues."

Also, the amount of time and thought that went into making this sound musical and in beat must have been a lot. This sounds like a duet between two sax players that are waiting on the two ends of the pipe, and it is as magical as it sounds.

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