Navigate Safely On Various Surfaces With Two Large Wheels

With its 30 steps per-minute capacity, Scewo made a strong impression at CES 2023 with its remote control option.
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Accessibility and mobility are two important aspects of the world that should be considered for the utmost connectivity between people. The integration of accessibility in utilities and in things found in life helps persons with disabilities by giving them equal access to perform daily tasks and activities independently. 

Technological developments that promote accessibility are important in making this a reality. This removes the barriers between people through devices and gadgets that could make life easier for everyone. 

At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, an improved wheelchair will be unveiled to do just that.

Scewo presented the Stair Climbing Electric Wheelchair, which can be considered a major upgrade over traditional wheelchairs based on its design alone. The possibilities offered by this wheelchair are truly amazing and improve accessibility for wheelchair users.

For starters, this wheelchair actually has tracks underneath. This allows the device to overcome obstacles like stairs without needing to go on a ramp. Controlling this wheelchair is also easy as it can be controlled using its own control unit and joystick or through an app. It also has sensors placed around the device so that it can detect the stairs and drive autonomously. 

Interesting Engineering interviewed Thomas Gemperle from Scewo.  Aside from the promising features and functions of this device, he also highlighted the importance of its design. They believed that all products out in the world are very well designed except wheelchairs. 

Their team wants to correct this stigma that you have to look disabled when you are already disabled. That’s why they have come up with a design that is clear, flowing, and iconic. 

Combining the aesthetic aspect and functionality of this device, it is clearly, without a doubt, the reason why they call it the “Tesla of the Wheelchair Industry.”

Another special feature of this innovative wheelchair device is that it can be updated over the air. This should allow the latest updates to offer smarter features that would be of great benefit to users. According to Thomas, they are working on making the device more autonomous in the future. The updated version will most likely include cameras, as well as features like obstacle avoidance and lane assistance, to name a few.

Having these concepts in place just shows how technology can be used to bridge the gaps that we have in connecting with one another. The technology employed in this wheelchair device will definitely help users to achieve better life quality with increased accessibility and mobility. 

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