Neighbor Takes Action After Kid Keeps Riding His Bicycle in His Driveway

This story may just be one of the sweetest around.

With all the trauma happening around the world, it's always nice when a happy story comes along. Such is the case with this video.

A YouTube user by the name of CanyonChasers tells the story of how he spotted a kid tearing around in his driveway in a bicycle.

"Every night I would get an alert from my driveway security camera, and at first I was a bit annoyed, but then I found myself looking forward to the evening alert. And then inspiration struck, in the form of my wife giving me this great idea. What transpired has turned into the best part of an otherwise dreary pandemic summer," wrote CanyonChasers on his YouTube post.

What did the neighbor do? He painted a race track with chalk that the kid could follow. Every time it would rain, he would paint a new and more elaborate one. He even started to put words of encouragement on it.

The track soon proved to be very popular with even older people taking a test ride on it. Finally, a senior executive at NBC heard about the video and reached out to both the YouTuber and the kid to give them NASCAR merchandise from official drivers. Talk about a happy ending for all!

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