Nerdy Cat Lover Makes RasperryPi Powered Pet Detector

YouTube Channel Edje Electronics' video presents a smart system that sends a text when the cat needs to be let outside.
Interesting Engineering

If you are a ‘cat slave’ that has the ability to write code, this instructional video from Edje Electronics might just contain the holiday project you were looking for.

The host of the channel explains, that their ‘cat master’ is the silent type and will sit by the door for hours waiting to be let outside, without uttering a word or a command. 

So to help the cat get out or in faster, Edje used TensorFlow and a RaspberryPi to create a pet detector camera that watches the door and texts him when his cat wants to be let inside!

The video explains in really clear steps how the code works so you can use it as an example for your own pet monitoring projects. 

The system works by monitoring the space where the pets usually wait for the door to open with a PiCamera. If the camera detects an object in the predefined space for more than ten frames a text is sent to the designated phone alerting them to the patient pet. 

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