Netflix Sends an iPhone Playing 'Star Trek: Discovery' Into Space

A team of Netflix employees sent a phone into the air as part of the company's annual Hack Day.

Netflix is headed to the final frontier -- space. After reaching a milestone of being available in 190 countries, the streaming service explained in a new YouTube video where they could possibly go next. 

Netflix used its annual Hack Day event to imagine fresh possibilities. One group decided to think up a new way to experience streaming services. But why bother going to yet another country when they could possibly go even farther away?

The team decided to send an iPhone complete with Netflix's content into the sky with a GoPro. The altitude hit 115,000 feet where subtitles were added. (Because sound and space don't go together.)

The only awkward part of the video? Despite the iPhone having Netflix content for a Netflix special, the team didn't feature a Netflix show. While Star Trek certainly fits the bill, the team went for Star Trek: Discovery -- a show that, unfortunately, doesn't air on Netflix at all. It's available as an exclusive on CBS All Access.  

Netflix's Hack Day occurs each summer. However, in the case of this video, some results take a bit longer to compile than others. The event allows Netflix employees to break out of the everyday work and put their creative juices to the test. They can collaborate on new projects, experiment with the latest technology, and craft ideas that normally would get a "no" from upper management. And they can do it all in just 24 hours. Other hacks included a vending machine, an audiobook tracker, and a new interface. 

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