Never Get Disconnected Again with This Smart Device

Sonnet is a potentially life saving device that uses long wave radio to connect you to friends.
Jessica Miley

Sonnet lets you send text, voice, images, and GPS locations on your phone without cellular reception or satellite. The portable device connects your smartphone to other Sonnet users up to five kilometres away with no cell or satellite reception, and no subscription! Sonnet is perfect for people who go off the beaten track or are traveling abroad where networks connections can be abhorrently expensive. But perhaps more importantly Sonnet can provide network connection in the event of a natural disaster when network services are destroyed or interrupted.

Sonnet takes the idea of a walkie talkie and applies it into a modern setting. The device itself connects to your device using Wi-Fi and then sends data from your phone to other Sonnet users via long-range radio wave. By leveraging the power of radio waves, Sonnet completely circumnavigates the need for regular network infrastructure. To use Sonnet, you simply connect your device to the Sonnet device via Wi-Fi. The same way, open the Sonnet page and start chatting directly with your other Sonnet connected friends. One of the best things is that once you purchase the sonnet device, you can connect anytime, anywhere. There are no ongoing subscription fees at all.

While the range between two Sonnet devices is only 5km, data can be relayed between multiple users to reach a range of up to 80km. Sonnet isn’t just useful device, its accompanying app could save your life. With the app, you can open offline maps to help you find your way out of tricky situations, you can also set off the Sonnet SOS which alerts all Sonnet users in range of your exact GPS location. This brilliant device is available now for preorder.

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