Never Let Language Barriers Hold You Back Again with This Earpiece

WT2 is a device that lets you speak to anyone naturally regardless of what language you speak. The real-time translator uses a combination of technologies to provide accurate translation on the go.
Jessica Miley

Imagine being able to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world and be able to understand them regardless of the languages you speak. This dream is one step closer to reality with the invention of the WT2 earphones. WT2 is a device that can’t help but be compared to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy babel fish, it is a real-time translator that uses two earphones and an app that lets you have real, natural conversations with people you have no common language with. Each user wears an earphone and you set the languages on the app. As one person speaks, the other will hear it in their chosen language and vice versa. The earphones are housed in a specially designed case that provides continuous charging so you won’t be limited in the length of your conversations. This device will let you speak to colleagues, friends and strangers at any time no matter what language barriers you may encounter.

WT2 uses a combination of wireless communication technology, intelligent algorithms, and voice translation. By using only one app, users can start a conversation with anyone without any delay in setup time for the other person. Simply pass them the earphone and start talking. There are three modes of communication available. The first is face to face communication. The hands-free earphones allow each person in the conversation to have natural body language and eye contact. Manual mode is suitable for crowded and busy areas. “Ask mode” is good for travelers asking for information or direction. You simply speak to the app and it will ask your question to whoever you have stopped for help. WT2 is on Kickstarter now.