New 3D Printer Can Deposit 8 Different Materials from One Nozzle

This multi-material ability is harnessed to create interesting 3D printed robots.
Loukia Papadopoulos

This new 3D printer can deposit 8 different materials from a single nozzle. This is impressive because up to know most 3D printers use just one material. 

"3D printers can create a huge variety of shapes, usually deposited layer by layer using a single material. Creating objects made from several materials is possible, but switching between the different printable substances has so far been a slow process. Now a newly designed nozzle allows for rapid 3D printing of detailed objects with multiple materials," reads the video's description.

In the video, we can see how this multi-material ability is harnessed to create interesting robots and even a cool origami sheet. By alternating between the materials, the nature team created a robot that could walk using air.

The soft parts work with the harder parts to get the whole thing moving. 3D printing has never been more fun or exciting! This new nozzle has many potential future applications but for now, we will just enjoy watching the cool robots it makes.

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