New Ikea Recipe Sheets Make Cooking as Easy as Flat-Pack Assembly

Jessica Miley

Ikea has been revolutionizing our interior decorating one Allen key at a time, now they are helping us look good in the kitchen too. The Canadian branch of the Swedish furniture company has partnered with marketing company Leo Burnett to create the awesome, The Ikea Easy Recipe Series.

Each Ikea recipe is printed as a series of simple illustrations that the aspiring chefs just needs to fill in. A bit like those ‘colour by numbers’ you had as a kid.  But the genius part of the design is the designs are printed on parchment paper in edible ink, so you just lay out your ingredients according to the instruction, fold the whole thing up and throw it in the oven. No Allen key required and you have a culinary masterpiece.  

An Ikea recipe sheet comes with the outline of each ingredient in exact proportions, so you just place the ingredient in its corresponding position and voila! Admittedly the recipes are heavy on items found in the Ikea store and encourage the use of Ikea products, but the concept, despite the product placement, is strong.  

The game-changing recipes were presented as part of a Kitchen event in Toronto. The papers were hung in the stores for people to take home and try while chefs demonstrated how to cook the delicious looking recipes in Ikea kitchens.

The Swedish furniture giant hasn’t announced any plans to release the concept worldwide, but the internet is already claiming this could be the end of traditional recipe books as we know them.