New Prysm Avatar is the Personal Assistant You Never Knew You Needed

Avatars would be amazing, and this video only confirms how nice it would be. The Prysm Avatar is a drone that follows users around and duplicates their likeness in projected form. It's part avatar part Amazon delivery drone. The avatar follows a user around and responds to any and all commands. Don't want to deal with a boring office meeting? Send the avatar in your place. Need someone to take notes for you? Use the avatar.

Unfortunately, this clever gadget is just one of many incredible April Fools' day jokes. PrysmInc is known for other funny April Fools videos. In 2015, they introduced the Synapse, a wireless headband that users control anything with their mind. Again, another straight-out-of-Star-Trek idea that (unfortunately) isn't real.

Via PrysmInc



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