New Smart Cane Aims to Integrate Blind People More into Daily Life

With this new smart cane from WeWALK, blind people will have the chance to be more involved in daily life.

Sometimes we all think that life is tough. But it can be more difficult for some people. Even though there have been some efforts about integrating blind or deaf people into society, most of these efforts are usually not enough.  

Here's both a game-changing and a life-changing creation from a Turkish startup WeWALK. The company created a new, innovative and smart cane for blind people all around the world. 

WeWALK detects overhead obstacles on the road such as poles or trees and warns the user with vibration. Also, the smart cane can be paired with smartphones and without carrying the smartphone in your hand, the GPS process can be used with WeWALK's touchpad.

WeWALK comes with a voice assistant, gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. With each update, new features are added to WeWALK. It's also integrated with Voice Assistant and Google Maps.


With innovations like this, it's sure that blind people will be integrated more into daily life. 

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