Next Mission to the Moon Has Happened in India: Watch This New Moonwalk

An artist used his inspiration to get the State's attention about its horrid road conditions.
Fabienne Lang

If your town or state had a pothole problem, what would you do? Send a letter of complaint to the local authorities? Perhaps. Patch them up yourself? Maybe. 

One innovative Indian artist by the name of Baadal Nanjundaswamy delved into his creative side and shot a moving video of a friend in a spacesuit 'moonwalking' along the potholed road. 

Incredibly, Nanjundaswamy manages to recreate a video that looks as though the filming is, in fact, happening up in space, on the Moon. The potholes are so large, almost the size of craters, and the lighting is just right, that the only possible give-away would be the spacesuit. It looks a little more like a fancy-dress costume than the real deal. 

Regardless, it's still impressive. 

What makes the video even more entertaining is the surprise camera angles, and shots as the 'astronaut' walks in slow motion along the surface. You'll have to watch for yourself to see what we mean. 

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The video was shot in the city of Bengaluru in the southeast Indian state of India, where some of the road conditions leave a lot to be desired from what this video shows us. 

Nanjundaswamy thought that by dressing up his friend, actor Poornachandra Mysore, they would manage to gain the authorities' attention to take better care of the roads. It seems to have worked, according to the artist's tweet.

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