Nifty and Practical Gadgets for Use at Home

From killing germs in our beds to making us fresh coffee, these devices are here to save the day.

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Let's face it. We all need some help with home chores. 

That's why we find the gadgets in this video so wonderful. From killing germs in our beds to making us fresh coffee, these devices are here to save the day.

There's the instant drink chiller that ensures you serve your drinks nice and cool. There's a portable coffee pump that allows you to make coffee anywhere you go.

Next, we have an efficient pasta maker to make pasta making a breeze. The debris sweeper attachment makes cleaning your driveway fun.

Meanwhile, a color-changing faucet allows you to see the temperature of your water while the wirk orbit strider lets you work out while working from home. A bacteria-killing robot roams your bed to keep it clean and germ-free.


An alarm clock on wheels makes sure you wake up as you have to chase it to shut it down. A fruit peeler takes the hassle out of peeling fruit.

While there's a cycling rolling trainer for gym rats, there's also an under counter kitchen vacuum, a dremel electric brush, and a window cleaning robot for squeaky clean surfaces.

For a little help in the kitchen there's a silicone ice bucket, hendy herb scissors, a steak thermometer, and even a bean peeling machine.

Last but not least, a stair handrail system, a foot-activated door lock, a smart home fire safety device, and a portable suction grab bar are also included.

Have we got your attention yet? 

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