Take your Nike trainers to the next level with customized LED lights

With this simple guide, you too can customize your trainers with some app-controlled LEDs.
Christopher McFadden

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Fancy upgrading your Nike trainers with some Internet of Things (IoT) controlled LED lights? Then follow this simple guide to find out how. 

diy LED nike trainer complete
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As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, it is time to get on with this great little build.

Step 1: Prepare your trainers

The first step is to choose, or buy, a pair of Nike trainers ready for modifying. Once in hand, remove the laces from the trainers.

With that done, take a sharp crafting knife, and carefully cut away the stitching for the side Nike logo piece of leather. 

diy led nike trainers logo
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Take care not to unduly damage the main body of the shoe when doing so. Keep going until you can completely free the logo piece of leather. 

With that done, remove the cushioning from the bottom of the trainer too. Next, take your crafting knife once again, and carefully cut the stitching for the inside sole of the shoe too. 

Once done, gently peel back the covering of the "walls" of the inside of the shoe. Next, take your crafting knife once again, and carefully cut out the part of the shoe directly behind the Nike logo you previously removed. 

diy led nike trainer remove logo
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Step 2: 

Next, take the removed Nike logo and trace it around it on a piece of translucent plastic. Cut it out using a pair of scissors as needed.

With that done, drill a series of holes to match the stitching on the original logo. Next, stitch the plastic to the Nike trainer as needed using a needle and thread.

Make sure the stitching is strong as it will need to sustain long-term wear and tear. 

diy led nike trainer logo reattach
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Step 3: Build the electronics

With that done, take your E10 Wi-Fi access point dongle, and strip off its casing. Next, remove the circuit board within, and remove the power cable. 

With that done, take a battery and connect a small switch to one of the terminal wires. Solder the terminal wires from the battery to the E10 Wi-Fi Access point circuit board as needed. 

diy led nike trainer wiring
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With that done, connect your LED strip light to the circuit board matching terminals. The strip light should immediately light up. 

diy led nike trainers led lights
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Step 4: Install the lights into the trainer

With that done, take your Nike trainer and cut out a small section of the rubber cushioning at the bottom of the shoe. The hole will need to be large enough to house the battery. 

diy led nike trainers install elecs
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With that done, wedge the battery into the hole at the bottom of the shoe as needed. Then glue the LED strip light behind the plastic logo you stitched into place earlier. 

Turn on the switch, and the LED lights should be seen through the logo on the side of the trainer. 

diy led nike trainers lights on
Source: Newsflare

With that done, tuck the inner lining of the shore back inside the shoe. Then replace the inner sole lining of the Nike trainer to cover over the battery and wiring. 

Once happy, rinse and repeat with the second trainer. 

With that done, you can now, if desired, restitch the inside of the trainer, or leave it loose for ease of replacing the battery later. Either way, your DIY LED Nike trainers are now complete.

You should now be able to remotely control the LED lights using an IoT app on your smartphone! Happy days.

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