Find out why most of the noise pollution in cities comes from cars

And it's pretty dangerous for humans.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Is your city loud? Do you often hear cars driving by and even honking? Has that affected your health?

In this video, YouTuber Not Just Bikes explains the many dangers of noise pollution and pinpoints where most of it comes from cars.

But first, what is the acceptable limit for noise pollution? The World Health Organization (WHO) says that cities should not be louder than 55dB. In fact, noises over 85dB can cause hearing loss. That's quite scary if you think about it, as many cities surpass that limit.

About 65% of Europeans live in cities with noise levels above the WHO's limit. Even worse, Cairo, Egypt, averages 90dB during the day (into the range of permanent hearing loss), and in Karachi, Pakistan, rush-hour noise levels have been measured at over 140 dB.

Why are so many cities so loud? How is it affecting the health and well-being of their citizens? Are there long-lasting effects such as permanent hearing loss associated with these decibels of noise? What can be done to reduce these alarming levels of noise pollution? This video answers all these questions and more.

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