Now There's an Underwater Camera That Helps You Catch Fish

Spydro is the world's first smart underwater fishing camera. The clever gadget can send bite alerts and live action video footage to your smartphone.
Jessica Miley

If you are the kind of fisherman that seems to always be trying to convince others of the ‘one that got away’. Then you need to get your hands on Spydro.

Spydro is an underwater fishing camera that will help you capture all the action of your next fishing trip. The small underwater camera attaches to your line and allows you to fish with your normal tackle. The clever camera syncs with the app on your device and can provide real-time bite alerts. It also has a live video stream feature that puts all the action of your fishing trip directly to your smartphone or tablet. But we all know fishing is a sport that requires patience, you may be fishing for hours before you even get a bite.

So how are you going to look through all your fishing footage to find the exact moment when your fish strikes? Luckily the Spydro comes with built-in editing software that analyses all of your footage and edits it down into a neat package of all of your fishing highlights without all the boring waiting around. This way you can really show off to friends and family and show them both the catch and the ones that got away! Spydro is currently on Kickstarter. It is aiming to reach a goal of $100,000 and is going pretty well so far. If you want to be among the early adopters of the world's first smart underwater fishing camera, then you can back the project for $179 to receive the base model of Spydro.