Now You Can Actually Create a Bluetooth Speaker at Home

With a cinder block and a pine board, now you can create a bluetooth speaker on your own.
Nursah Ergü

Bluetooth speakers are widely used, pretty popular tools right now. But when you want to buy a good one, you may need a lot of money. But what if you can create your own Bluetooth speaker at home?

If you have a cinder block and a pine board, you can do exactly that!

Yeah, it sounds a little weird to have a cinder block and a pine board at your home, but it's not like they can only be found at the mountain of Qaf. Hit the local hardware store and you'll be good to go. 

Buy the two tools you wouldn't usually associate with Bluetooth speakers and turn them into a Bluetooth speaker.

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If you're a DIY addict and like to have stuff in your house that nobody else has, this Bluetooth speaker is something you should try to do. 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to create the coolest Bluetooth speaker and throw the biggest parties with the best music. 

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