Here’s how many nuclear weapons there are around the world

Russia and the U.S. hold 90 percent of the world’s total nuclear weapons inventory.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Do you know much the most recent tally of how many nuclear weapons there are in the world is right now? The number will surprise you: it's a total of 12,705.

Even more frighteningly, as of March 2022, around 3,732 of these are deployed with operational forces which means they are ready to go at any moment with short notice. There are currently nine nuclear states: the U.S., China, Russia, the UK, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea.

But only the U.S., Russia, the UK, and France have publicly available information on just how many nuclear weapons they have deployed at this time. For the rest of the nuclear states, that number remains a mystery.

How many nuclear weapons in total does each of these states have at their disposal? Russia and the U.S. have by far the largest amount counting 5,977 and 5,428 respectively.

This means that they hold 90 percent of the world’s total nuclear weapons inventory. On the other hand, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is the smallest in the globe, thought to be at about 20. Israel has 90. India has 160, Pakistan 165, the UK 225, and France 290. Want to learn more about the world's nuclear weapons distribution? Watch our video.

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