NYC’s Most Socially Distanced Office Sails in the East River

This is probably the cheapest way you can get the East River as your background view.

Much to everyone's amusement, NYC's most socially distanced office floats in the middle of the East River and it is all thanks to local pranksters Improv Everywhere, whose YouTube channel has gotten a ton of subscribers over their public pranks and experiments.

On Monday, amused pedestrians and boaters on the river set their eyes on something quite unexpected. A raft turned office was floating on the shore of Pebble Beach in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. The floating office had a water cooler, a battery-powered computer, and comfortable office furniture.

This raft, as you'd guess, was created by Improv Everywhere and Tideland Institute. The duo was inspired by the Institute's mission to promote culture on the city’s water and wanted to bring it together with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group members explained to the onlookers that the roof turned office was a new program from the Department of Buildings. They even showed a picture of how floating offices would look in the future. 

Leaving many with smiles on their faces, the prank was a success. Moreover, when you think of the rent prices in NYC, this is likely the cheapest way you can get the East River as your background view.

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