Objects 3D-Printed out of Clay

3D-printed clay objects illustrate the versatility of the industry.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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3D-printed objects are everywhere and they can be built from all kinds of material from make-belief skin to food.

In this video, we bring you the mesmerizing process of 3D printing things from clay. There's the beautiful brown vase ideal for keeping flowers. There's a tiny boat ornament that would look great on any shelf.

Next, is a sculpture of the human face that would look great in any living room. Is it the face of someone known and could we actually build one of our own faces?

Meanwhile, there's a large container that looks like it's made of stones. A brown vase is made of rectangular shapes while another vase twirls and swirls and is made out of what looks like individual stones.

There's another large container, probably for wine bottles, made in white and a large circular beige pot. There are also several brownish twirling vases that come in all kinds of sizes and go into all kinds of directions.

Finally, there's three-legged sculptures and structures made of more interesting foundations. And all are made possible due to the impressive power and versatility of 3D printing.