This Old LPG Tank Was Recycled to Make an Extreme Air Compressor

Ever wonder how you could put an empty LGP tank to use? With a few sparkly big boy's tools and safety equipment, this mechanical enthusiast managed to make an air compressor out of an old LPG tank.

At first, I thought the grand purpose of this home-made air compressor is to vulcanize tires or pump up a bouncy castle or something. Instead, he used the air compressor as a high-pressure duster. Tested at 25 bar, the air compressor was not only used to simply dust off surfaces. It was also used as a pressure supply for a sanding disc and for an industrial stapler. Looks mean and extreme if you ask me.

The YouTuber is dedicated to making customized furniture, engines, tools, toys, vehicles in an extreme and creative way. Make it Extreme's YouTube channel strives to provide innovative solutions to any mechanical problem in the field of structures. They also made customized hover boards, a gasoline engine aluminum speed boat, a circular Plasma cutter, and many other extreme tools and gadgets. Instead of buying these kind of things for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, why not make it on your own? Just make sure you have the provision of an expert otherwise, things may get ugly and messy.

Via Make it Extreme

This Old LPG Tank Was Recycled to Make an Extreme Air Compressor

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