Ostrich-Inspired Robot Cassie Goes on a 'Playdate' With a Quadruped Robot

Agility Robotics has released a video of its 'Cassie' robot on a playdate.
Jessica Miley

Agility Robotics has released a cute and weird video of its robot Cassie and another robot having a ‘playdate’. The two robots circle each other, each doing a sort of dance to try and get some information about the encounter.

In the video, the bipedal robot plays around with a ‘four-legged friend’ that could be a Boston Dynamics developed robot.

Agility Robotics have developed Cassie, a two-legged robot for broad application from research to task assistance. They describe their mission saying, “In the near future, robots will deliver groceries, help take care of us in our homes, and assist in disaster recovery. We are pioneering legged robot technologies to solve the mobility challenges and enable this future.”

The video is a glimpse into what the future might look like when these kinds of dynamic robots populate our daily lives. 

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If Cassie sparked your interest, there is a bunch of very funny videos on YouTube to satisfy your singularity suspicions. Watch through to get an idea of how Cassie is made as well as to see the cheerful colored robots be put through a series of tests that show off their incredible balance and strength.

Via: Agility Robotics

Ostrich-Inspired Robot Cassie Goes on a 'Playdate' With a Quadruped Robot

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