Out of the Ordinary Swimming Pools You Can Visit Around The World

Some pools are bigger than others.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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We tend to think of swimming pools as simple round or square architectures that are just made for swimming. But some swimming pools — such as this floating pool — can be so much more than that. They can be marvels of engineering and travel destinations within themselves. Indeed some swimming pools are so unique and exciting that people travel just to see and experience them. In this video, we bring you ten of these extraordinary swimming pools and we dare you not to get travel-envy.

The Aqua Dome is a collection of basin pools that enable winter swimming in the Alps. The pools' water is heated to 96.8 °F (36 °C). The SkyPool Houston is a rooftop infinity pool that has a glass bottom. It hangs 500 ft (152 m) above the ground.

The Sua Ocean Trench pool was formed during an ancient lava eruption. It’s accessible via a long ladder. The Smart Swimming Pool is a deck that transforms into a pool. The floor can be moved with the touch of a button.

Does reading about these pools make you want to dive in for a cool swim? Are you curious what other out-of-the-ordinary swimming pool designs exist? Want to plan your next vacation around an original pool? Then, do not miss this video.

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