Owner Builds Intricate Maze for Pet Hamster from Cardboard

This cute hamster overcomes many obstacles while shedding some pounds.
Derya Ozdemir

Is there a person out there who didn't enjoy the trap in the iconic Mouse Trap game as a child? We highly doubt it. In this video, the YouTube channel Mister Hamster builds a maze full of traps for their pet hamster, and you can see that the hamster in question is enjoying the obstacle course as much as you probably did once.

Undoubtedly, hamsters make great pets; however, they need their exercise every now and then, making mazes the perfect way for them to have an adventure while losing weight. Also, as all beings do, they need stimulation to keep from getting bored.

Made out of carboards and materials safe for hamsters since they love to chew on anything they get their eyes on, the custom maze is the perfect solution for any hamster. Moreover, they provide a great area for you to test your hamster's smarts while making sure they have fun. You can join this super cute hamster making its way through rather elaborate mazes and tunnels by watching the video.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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