Parkour Enthusiasts Try to Jump Through a Series of Impossible Shapes

Watch these parkour lovers task themselves with jumping through a series of impossible shapes aided by a pit of foam balls.
Jessica Miley

If you’ve got some spare time this holiday season, here is a great video to inspire you to do some very silly things. Watch as this bunch of dudes try and jump into impossible shapes. Please note they do so over the relative safety of a huge bin of soft foam shapes. So don’t try this at home if you-you have is a concrete car park. First, up the team try and dive off a ledge through a pretty small circle shape cut into a large piece of cardboard. Much like one the classic action film sequence where the hero dives through a window from the building opposite. Once the circle is mastered they move on to the trying to fall into the cardboard cut out the shape of another human. This is much harder than it looks. So rather than make it easy for themselves, these parkour fans try and jump off a trampoline through various shapes cut into thin sheets of foam. It’s an entertaining if nail-biting watch.

They shot the adventurous video at a parkour training gym. Parkour also is known as free-running is an activity that combines gymnastics and martial arts with military obstacle course skills. Practitioners move through urban areas without equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible. The discipline includes running, jumping, swinging and rolling. Being a talented parkour ‘player’ requires fast decision making and high levels of individual fitness and agility. Dedicated parkour-ists often train particular moves and general fitness inside gyms before taking their art to the street. Training can involve traveling, free jumping and muscle development.

Via: DudesonsVLOG

Parkour Enthusiasts Try to Jump Through a Series of Impossible Shapes 
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