You Need the Patience of a Saint to Solve This Sphaera Puzzle

Kathleen Villaluz

Problem-solving - it's a typical engineering pastime. Solving problems doesn't just have to be at work in a stressful situation. Problem-solving can also be fun and entertaining while getting a sense of relief and achievement once the puzzle is solved. For instance, take a look at this dexterity puzzle game called the Sphaera Puzzle. It's slightly deceiving with its beautiful inlaid wood design but you should not be fooled, this puzzle requires extreme patience and ultra steady hands.

Although it appears easy, the Sphaera Puzzle has a number of hidden gates that players must be aware of before starting the game. But simply knowing the gate's location isn't enough to get through this dexterity game. In order to solve the Sphaera Puzzle, the three balls must be steered to the center of the bowl. The difficult and frustrating part of the Sphaera Puzzle is that the balls slip out of the gates no matter how hard you try to keep them controlled. To have an enjoyable time playing this dexterity puzzle, players need to use their problem-solving skills and be strategic about moving the bowl. With patience and stable hands, players will eventually get all the three balls at the center.

Once a player is done solving the puzzle (or if one gets absolutely frustrated with it), giving it a vigorous spin would bring the three balls back to the initial position. So, if you have some (plenty) of free time on your hands, why not take a stab at the Sphaera Puzzle.



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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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