People from 1989 Guess How Houses Would Look like Today

They had some pretty accurate predictions.

People of the past predicting the future with the accuracy of a time traveler always make for an interesting watch. This clip from BBC show "Tomorrow's World" aired back in 1989, and it had some surprisingly accurate predictions for what technology in our homes would look like today. 

The show had experts revealing their predictions for the future of British homes in 2020. Some of their predictions were way off, like walls that can charge electronics, but the majority of them have actually become a reality now. 

According to the experts in the clip, our houses would have lights that automatically switch on and off when one walks between rooms of the house, and we do have motion-sensor smart light available today. Moreover, they said music could be switched on with simple commands, successfully predicting voice-controlled smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

It is also interesting to see the prediction of a smart house in 1989: The house they designed looks modern even by today's standards. So what are you waiting for? Tune in!

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