Perfectly Polishing Aluminum Foil Balls is Satisfying to Watch

A Japanese jewelry maker and YouTuber went viral after posting a video of him transforming ordinary aluminum foil into a perfectly sculpted ball.
Shelby Rogers

There's a new low-budget DIY project sweeping the internet. People are taking aluminum foil, rolling it into a ball, and then polishing that foil into spherical perfection. 

YouTube craftsman SKYtomo posted his entire process in a recent video that's already gone viral. As more people saw the video, they started putting their own creations on social media -- flooding Japanese social networks with pictures of perfectly smooth aluminum orbs.

The steps are really simple. First, get some tin foil or aluminum foil that might be lying around a kitchen cabinet. Scrunch that foil into a ball. Next, use a small hammer or mallet to push the foil closer together into a tighter ball. Keep doing that process until everything finally seems like it's tight together and there's no more room for it to get closer. The final step is to polish the sphere until it looks perfect. If you're SKYtomo or the hundreds of other Japenese DIYers who have completed this project, that process could take hours. 

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Do these balls really serve a purpose other than to showcase insane levels of craftsmanship? Not really. But it's definitely something people around the world could try their hand at with relative ease. All it takes is some spare aluminum foil, a couple of sanding and sculpting tools, and heaps of patience. 

Via: SKYtomo

Perfectly Polishing Aluminum Foil Balls is Satisfying to Watch

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