Phones Are Not Giving Kids Horns

SciShow debunks the latest myth that took the internet by storm.
Loukia Papadopoulos

After a story circulated on social media that phones were giving kids horns, SciShow came along to debunk the news and focus on the truth.

"You might have seen this story circulating on social media…but we’re here to let you know that children are NOT growing horns because they use cellphones. This is a great opportunity to learn from what can happen when both peer review and science journalism go wrong!" writes the video's description.

SciShow's Hank Green explains everything wrong with the so-called study and comes to an important conclusion about both scientists and those who report science news.

"All of this is to say that those of us who consume science news as well as those of us who write and make it, should have a good sense of what sketchy science looks like. Correlation does not equal causation is a great rule to live by but it's just one item on a long list of things to look for," says Green.

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