A physicist successfully harvested energy directly from the sky

And he did that using a drone!
Derya Ozdemir

The nature of atmospheric electricity never fails to amaze us. This video by the YouTube channel Plasma Channel is just one more example of its excellent intricacies. 

Jay Bowles writes in the description box, "Months of drone flights culminated in what can only be described as a remarkable feat in physics. I managed to successfully siphon energy directly out of the atmosphere."

And his experimental setup was pretty simple, too! He used a DJI Mini2 drone with adequate payload capacity to lift a length of fine-gauge magnet wire 100 meters above ground. A metal mesh collecting electrode was attached to the wire and suspended beneath the drone. To complete the circuit between the drone and the ground, some large nails were driven into the ground. He also utilized a DIY electroscope to demonstrate the type of static charge that was building on the electrode. And amazingly, an electrode was able to deflect the leaves of an electroscope, power a beer can version of a Franklin bell, and run a homemade corona motor. If you're curious to see the demonstration, make sure you watch the video embedded above, and as always, enjoy.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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