Physics Girl Attempts to Make Square Vortex Rings and You Can Try it too

The famed science show YouTuber asks what would happen if you made a vortex ring through a square hole and offers a super cool video demonstration.

There is no doubt we love Physics Girl Dianna Cowern. We featured her in our super cool list of awesome female YouTube science show hosts breaking STEM glass ceilings.

Now Cowern is back with what we might say is her best idea yet. She asks what would happen if you made a vortex ring through a square hole.

"A vortex is typically made by pushing air or some other kind of fluid through a circular hole. And if you put a little smoke you can see the ring," explains Cowern in the video.

She enlisted the help of another of our favorite science show hosts Grant Sanderson of 3Blue1Brown. The two used an air cannon and a colored smoke grenade to try all kinds of shapes.

And we have to say the results were some mesmerizing alternating shapes. We won't tell you exactly what they looked like.

But we will tell you this. Although Cowern and her friends did make some predictions of what they might get out of the experiment, they were still surprised with the super cool outcomes.

Words would not be enough to describe how cool the shapes were. So watch it for yourselves and maybe even try it yourselves.

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