Plane Secrets: Inside The Magnificent Airbus A350

This video has all the stuff unauthorized people don't get to see every day.

As a long-range, wide-body jet airliner developed by Airbus, the A350 is the first Airbus aircraft largely made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. From afar, it looks magnificent, but in this video, we get to see a demonstration of the flight deck crew rest bunk and the electronics compartment below the cockpit, which is something unauthorized persons don't get to see normally.

While it's no secret for those in aviation, the video by the YouTube channel bjornpilot is an eye-opener for the rest. It's always fun to see behind-the-scenes stuff, especially when the topic is aviation. For example, you'll get to see how much computing power is needed to make a plane fly: The avionics compartment looks like a mini data center in itself! If you're curious to learn more about this staggering piece of technology, make sure you watch the video embedded above. 

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