Plasma Candle Melts Steel With the World's Hottest Flame

Imagine a candle with a blazing flame that is attracted to you and can't be blown out.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The world's most dangerous candle is attracted to you, can't be blown out, and can even melt steel. YouTuber The Action Lab brings us this awesome candle to life in his latest video.

"In this video, I show you a plasma candle made from an ultra-high frequency solid-state tesla coil (HFSSTC). I talk about why it was tripping the breakers in my house and show you how hot these plasma candles actually are. I talk about why the color of the "flame" is white vs blue or violet," the YouTuber writes in his description.

We must admit it is funny to watch him go from room to room trying to get the candle to work without tripping the breakers. He finally has to resort to getting the candle its very own power source and putting it on a concrete floor.

This and of itself illustrates how powerful the candle is although the YouTuber has a much better in-depth description of why the breakers keep tripping. Next, he shows us how the flame is attracted to humans, and considering how powerful the flame is (it can melt steel), that is one very scary thing indeed.

All in all, we would suggest you just watch the video and never try using one of these candles at home.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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