Turns Out Playing the Bass With a Fidget Spinner is a Pretty Great Idea

Shelby Rogers

Ah, fidget spinners - -the hottest toy on the market right now and the bane of nearly every educator's existence. It seemed like these toys might never serve a purpose (other than calming the minds of ADD/ADHD sufferers who need them). However, one instrumentalist got creative with his fidget spinner. He used it to play Dick Dale's "Miserlou."

Fidget spinners have triggered a number of interesting YouTube challenges. There have been accounts dedicated to testing these out.

The global phenomenon came from a woman in central Florida. She initially approached Hasbro with the idea in the early 2000s. However, the toy giant rejected the fidget spinner. Now, over a decade later, Hasbro sells their own version of the toy. Catherine Hettinger -- the woman behind the spinner -- had her patent expire in 2005 because she couldn't pay the patent fee.