Poor Car vs. 70 Detonators: Watch What Happens

Some men just want to watch cars burn...

Here at Interesting Engineering, we've seen our share of car's suffering in the hands of curious mechanics with the torture methods ranging from sparking half a million matches on a car just to see what happens to testing how far you can go in first gear at wide-open throttle.

In this video, YouTube channel Beyond the press takes all those experiments up a notch by setting up a small car with 70 detonators and connecting them with tubes to make them all explode in less than one second. They get the setup ready and film everything with a Chronos Ring that is, per the description box of the video, built from 72 Chronos 1.4 high-speed cameras.

The resulting footage is, as you'd imagine, quite explosive and bound to have you on the edge of your seat. While the rotating shots of the explosion might make you feel nauseous; the masterful editing, which does the complexity of the video justice, just levels up the experience. Enjoy!

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